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  • 与国家航空学院合作,加强格伦索尔新建立的培训服务线
  • 提高Azneft生产联盟的技术专业人员的技能 


Glensol, 通宝手机娱乐公司的现场操作和设备维护子公司, in cooperation with the National Aviation Academy held a Training Programme for technicians of SOCAR’s Azneft Production Union (PU). 

The aim of the ‘Training of the personnel providing technical service to equipment operated in the oil and gas industry’ was to furnish technicians with all necessary knowledge and skills. 

The Training Programme was delivered by the technical specialists of Glensol and academic staff of the National Aviation Academy for the technical-mechanics, electrical and electronical personnel of the 28 May and Oil Rocks Oil and Gas Extraction Departments of the Azneft PU at the Academy’s facilities. 

培训计划完成后, Azneft PU举办了一场活动,向项目参与者颁发证书. 

Shahmar Huseynov, General Director Azneft PU, 谁向学员介绍证书, said: “We acknowledge the importance of advancing technical skills and capabilities of employees in this increasingly demanding world. To this end, we have joined the programme, 这是由格伦索尔和国家航空学院专业交付的吗. 

衷心祝贺所有学员圆满完成这一创造价值的课程, 我祝愿他们在未来的努力中一切顺利。”.

Tamerlan Aliyev, General Director Glensol said: “Glensol has long supported Azneft PU on maintenance repair and operations projects, but starting to train our valued colleagues of the partner company is a major step forward in opening a new page in our cooperation. 

On another note, I would like to highlight the significance of Glensol’s fruitful partnership with the National Aviation Academy. 与学院签订的协议, last year, 为提供高水平的技术培训打下了坚实的基础吗. I am confident that by joining our forces we can further expand the geography of our services and offer our training services to our existing and potential overseas customers too.”


Note to editors

Established in 2012, 作为通宝手机娱乐公司的现场操作和设备维护子公司, Glensol has been a trusted provider – of local and international oil and gas companies with rotating equipment, 包括涡轮机械服务和控制, 运营和维护服务- SOCAR, bp, 以及该地区和世界各地的其他主要能源公司.

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